Bolig til Salg/Leje

Hus til salg / leje
Arkitekttegnet hus til salg
Drømmer du om 175 m2 med 5 meter til loftet og masser af lys? Så er dette hus noget for dig.
Hus til salg / leje
Jeg udlejer underetagen af mit hus ud fra 15. november 2021- 1. feb. 2022 Leje pr mdr: 5000 kr plus forbrug.
Hus til salg / leje
Andel i Folkvang til salg
En charmerende og stor andel i andelsboligen “Folkvang”, Stjernerne 4, i Øko-samfundet Dyssekilde – et af Danmarks største halmhuse – er til salg.
Hus til salg / leje
Stort lyst hus til leje i ferie og forlængede weekender
Nyd et inspirerende og åbent økohjem med klaver og udsyn i dejlige Dyssekilde. Udlejes i efterårsferien og uge 41. Samt forlænget weekend 16.-19. September.
Hus til salg / leje
Familiehus til ferieudlejning i perioder (ikke aktuelt pt))
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Common Facilities

Why should every house have a conventional dustbin, when we can make do with one communal waste station, which also ensures that our waste gets sorted out in all the appropriate fractions.
In the summer of 2009 we built the ”waste shed” a 20-meter long waste station on the parking lot.
In the waste shed we can sort out our waste in more than 20 fractions, and we have a waste management group, who takes care of getting the waste, which is not picked up by the refuse collection, to the local recycling station.


In the waste shed we also have a recycling shop, where we can hand in clothes, shoes, toys etc. for others to take free of charge.
This helps minimising waste, and ensuring recycling.

Read more about our detailed wastemanagement under ecology.

The Laundry

The laundry is situated in the communal house; it has three energy efficient industrial washing machines. The washing machines use rainwater, which has very low chalk content. And we only use environmentally friendly detergents.

Communal farming

Originally there was an idea in the eco-village to be self-sufficient, for some it has almost become a reality.
Quite a few of the people in the village participate in the communal cultivation of the veggie plot, for a few hundred Danish crowns and some 40 odd hours of labour during the cultivating season, this will provide you with basic fruit and veg all year round, and a chance to meet and socialise with your fellow veggie growers.

Personal veggie plots

In addition to the communal field, there are several small personal gardens where one is free to grow a little extra or something completely different, often these are closer to the houses, so you wont have to go all the way into the fields for that snack of fresh lettuce.